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Asociace profesionálních fotografů ČR

Miloš Fic, QEP

Member of the "Asociace profesionálních fotografů ČR"

Studio  mfi

Studio-mfi is specialized for making of professional Panorama Photography of interior and exterior for web
within the range of 360° × 180° (360 fullscreen virtual tour).

Demonstration of usage for presentation of interior

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Furthemore offer studio photography - portrait, fashion and other.

You can contact Studio-mfi by mail:

Updated: 7.12.2015

Panorama of interior

  H centrum

  Interior of the gallery

  Ball at the theatre

  Cockpit of small aircraft

  Cafe Bajer

  Virtual tour of Pardubice Theatre


Virtual theatre

  12 angry men





  Theatre - little planets


  Panoramic photo

  Cuba 2013

  Nepal 2010

  Kinetic study


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